Head: Stéphane Vialette

Deputy head: Jamal Najim
A3SI team head: Laurent Najman
COMBI team head: Jean-Yves Thibon
LRT team head: Abderrezak Rachedi
ADA team head: Gregory Kucherov
BAAM team head: Cyril Nicaud
MMSID team head: Walid Hachem

Administrative team

Corinne PalescandoloSéverine GibozNathalie Rousseau
– administrative team manager
– budget follow-up
– human resources follow-up
– general secretariat
– prevention assistant, first aider in the workplace and evacuation officer (for Copernic building)
– location: Copernic building (Univ.Eiffel)
– administrative manager for orders and missions Univ. Eiffel and CNRS
– first aid at work
– location: Copernic building (Univ. Eiffel)
– administrative manager for CNRS and Univ. Eiffel for orders and missions
– organization of seminars and colloquia
– location: Copernic building (Univ. Eiffel)

Laboratory council

The Laboratory Council is responsible for major scientific and administrative decisions (election of a new director, creation of new teams, discussions on job applications, etc.) and for arbitration on all requests for resources concerning the laboratory.

Elected members
On permanent positionsOlivier Curé (MCF, Univ. Eiffel)
Claire David (MCF, Univ. Eiffel)
Walid Hachem (DR, CNRS)
Vincent Jugé (MCF, Univ. Eiffel)
Cyril Nicaud (PU, Univ. Eiffel)

On non-permanent positionsZéphyr Salvy (doctoral candidate, Univ. Eiffel)
Engineers and administrative staffCorinne Palescandolo (IE, CNRS)
Nominated membersEx-officio members
Gregory Kucherov (DR, CNRS)
Arnaud de Mesmay (CR, CNRS)
Laurent Najman (Prof., Univ. Eiffel)
Pascal Monasse (Chercheur, ENPC)
Abderrezak Rachedi (PU, Univ. Eiffel)
Jean-Yves Thibon (PU, Univ Eiffel)
Nawel Zangar (Prof. associée, Univ. Eiffel)

Stéphane Vialette, head (DR, CNRS)
Jamal Najim, vice-head (DR, CNRS)

Other administrative duties

    • Parity and equality referent: Chloé Athénosy, Elena Veronica Belmega
    • Correspondante logiciels et H2020 : Teresa Gomez-Diaz
    • CNRS training correspondent: Takuya Nakamura
    • Library manager: Antoine Meyer
    • Scientific integrity referent (Univ. Eiffel): Maxime Crochemore
    • HAL LIGM bibliography referent: Philippe Gambette
Website administration
ContactCorinne Palescandolo
A3SI team correspondentChaohui Wang
COMBI team correspondentNicolas Borie
LRT team correspondentOmar-Sami Oubbati
ADA team correspondentPhilippe Gambette
BAAM team correspondentVictor Marsault
SIGNAL team correspondentFrançois-Xavier Vialard
Administration correspondentCorinne Palescandolo

Health and safety

Prevention assistantFirst aiders in the workplaceFire evacuation officers
  • Corinne Palescandolo
  • Séverine Giboz
  • Corinne Palescandolo
  • Nathalie Rousseau
  • Séverine Giboz
  • Corinne Palescandolo
  • Nathalie Rousseau

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